Jams & Preserves

As members of The Guild of Jam Makers it is our first priority to produce a high class product, in a traditional manner so that you can enjoy a more natural taste experience at a realistic price
All our Tickety Boo Jam ®products are made from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, ensuring that the finished product is the freshest possible when it is sealed in the jar. Traditionally hand produced in Dumfries & Galloway by a small team of highly skilled and dedicated artisans guarantees a high degree of quality control is possible for each small batch.
Recipes are both traditional, having stood the test of time and modern, having stood the test of family and friends (most of whom are still speaking to us) ensuring a satisfactory result you can enjoy.
Personalised labels can be produced for customers who wish to add a special touch to gifts for friends or family.
Mini pots (42g) can be produced to order with personalised labelling for special occasions (e g. Wedding favours) please contact for details when we would be happy to discuss your needs                                                                                                                          .Marmalade2015Bronze 2